Small Business Website Development

Small business Website Development

Small businesses don’t generally have the assets required to develop a huge multi-page website with massive server-side scripts linking to other object oriented programs and platforms. Nor do they have the need. Most small business, personal and organizational websites simply need to show what the business does, display relative information to their business, allow customers to view products, order products if necessary, show conatact information and most importantly, show up on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others in the first few pages. I am a certified in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and can help get you listed on the big search engines.

What can we do for your company?

Improve your ROI and bottom line.

SEO Web Services was contracted by Texas Flange because they were slipping in Google Search Engine rankings and were beginning to see the real possibility of becoming a page two Google listed company. In regards to growth, this was a bit like stepping out of a GT Ford Mustang and just walking instead. From the ground up, we built a SEO optimized site for them and began managing their SEM and SEO on a daily basis. The results were very fast and can be viewed by doing a search on Google for flange or flanges. These are the dominate search terms in their industry and the ones we were charged with getting raised as high as possible. The net result to Texas Flange was instant ROI that dwarf the fees paid to us.

If you want a web presence or a flashy sight that will be beautiful to your current customers but not attract new ones, you need someone else. However, if you need an SEO website optimized to draw in new visitors and potential customers, you need SEO Web Services and our SEO and SEM experience.

Website Design and Coding

We have all the tools to design your website to look exactly the way you want. With graphical experience and the proper software, we can include your logo and any other images you want. Utilizing HTML, XHTML, Javascript and CSS, we can get your page to look, feel and navigate perfectly for your users.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Getting your website listed on the major search engines is not as easy as most people think. Getting them listed on the first few pages and expecially within the first 10 listings can be extremely difficult and requires expert web page design and development with search engine optizimation in mind. We use the latest in SEO software and have completed professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) courses and have many years of experience. We can get you listed on the major search engines and as close to the top of the listing as possible. Using specific coding practices as well as off page techniques We get the results you require to maximize your business potential. In addition to SEO is SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This involves using strategies such as Pay per Clickbanner and link advertising, paid listings and other methods of online advertising and business promotion. We are well versed in these strategies and will help your business reach it’s peak online potential.

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