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The recent changes in SEO services include the inclusion of social networks e.g. Twitter and Facebook in real-time search engine results. Their inclusion means that people’s topics and interests will move faster. Content from social networking sites such as videos, images and updates can also now be found through search engines.
Google, the top search engine, has introduced a new product called Caffeine. This product has placed more importance on the speed with which a page is loaded and other factors such as domain authority and the domain age. It has also increased the index size and can crawl more pages in less time. This now forces all websites to have great content and have pages that can load faster. This also implies that all sites with shallow content will drop in rankings.

Search engine optimization is evolving daily with changes that are making site owners to continuously be on their toes. These changes in SEO services have prompted the demise of hidden keywords and links, Meta tags stuffed with keywords that have no relevance to the page being accessed, and the use of unethical black hat techniques.

Another new product is Google Instant where the users no longer have to completely type their entire search queries. Instant predicts what you are looking for with each keystroke and adjusts continually to complete what you intend to look for. However, in practice it works a little differently. Previously, when you started to type a query search results popped up, possibly catching your attention and getting you off track. Users now only have to type in just enough of their query until they get an answer that is relevant and useful to their task in which case only high rankings will get you a lot of traffic.

On-Site Variables, otherwise known as the “Panda update”, is a variable that particularly targets shallow-content sites. This update uses more sophisticated on-site factors and it can sort good quality contents from superficial ones. This therefore means that websites with poor and low quality content will drop in rankings. With the inclusion of offsite variables, SEO services companies will now be more wary of adding links to sites that have low rankings as doing this will only make the website perform poorly in the rankings.

Companies offering SEO services will now have to be innovative enough to provide sufficient quality services to their clients in light of these emerging changes and the use of high-end algorithms and techniques by search engines.

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