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Key Elements in a Website

This is the most asked question we have had in the last two years, especially now that SEO Web Services is on the map.

We've worked for years now, going on two decades, designing websites. Now that we work doing it for our own web design and SEO SEM online marketing company, we get this question alot of time from customers.

Some just think adding small amount of content is a winner, adding nice visual picture is a winner or some think having a contact form on all pages help.

Well, that is always good but, I've found in my experience, and the time I have spent in the industry now, the following things are essential to make a good customer oriented site.

Structured Menu - In trees and branches, easily followed and on each page.

Clear and Clean - Design with colors not too bright to hurt the eye or so dark you can read them.

Branding - Be sure to have your branding all over the site, with color, fonts pictures etc

Favicon - This is a very important feature to be taken care of while designing a site. Alot of folks don't seem to think a Favicon is important but, in today's world, not having a Favicon means your site is incomplete.

Quick Contact Form - No matter what kind of business you have you always want to have a conversion or a contact form on all the pages. One of the best is a simple Email link people can click and send a note to you or your contact person.

Quick Contact number - Contact number needs to be displayed on all the pages so people could pick up the phone and call you when they need something. This can be taken care of by simply adding it to our nav bar.

Content is King - Make sure you add just enough content for your users to understand your business and to contact you. Users like to know how your service or product benefit them, please show case that.

Testimonials - It takes a lot of energy to get a sale, when you get one it takes just a minute to ask for testimonials but that will help you make your life easier in next sale, have a testimonial form on your site, so users can fill them.

Photogallery/Case Studies - You want to show case pictures and videos of the services or products you offer to your customer, thereby increasing your chances of getting your customer.

Conversion form - You need to have a form to take your customers email address which is than saved to your online database. Using an Email to have your customers contact you does this automatically.

Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking - It's very important to track how your customers behave on your site. Also you need to check how many people are filling in the conversion form and what they are looking for. And this is normally 'free'.

There are more "devil in the details" but, this is more a DIY post for folks that want to get thier feet wet and try to do things themselves. Once you figure out your time is better spent dealing with your customers rather than dealing with your web presence, you can contact us and we'll be happy to handle all of this for you!

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